It surely must be the objective of every caring leader to see that every group member enjoys the trip. That is the reason they came - to enjoy themselves. 

Yet many people have been on just one walk and sworn ‘never again’. Why? Was it bad weather or nasty insects? Were they unfit, or did they have a negative attitude towards the activity? Was the rest of the group unfriendly or objectionable? All of these will apply at times, but most often, the main reason is poor leadership— especially poor planning by the leader. Examples of bad planning that are likely to result in beginners having a thoroughly miserable time are:

  • an unwise choice of area and or time of year
  • a poor choice of route within the area
  • over-optimistic planning - days or stages too long and hard
  • an unsympathetic choice of group members
  • a lack of help and guidance on equipment and food.

This sort of introduction to the outdoors can turn people away from a recreation that might have given them a great deal of pleasure for the rest of their lives. This book is about how to make trips more enjoyable, more rewarding and safer.