Walking in snow is sometimes cold, sometimes hot, and always hard work. The party should walk in single file, everyone walking in the same footprints. For this reason, the strides must be short enough for everyone to use. Often steps are too long, which is tiring for shorter people, and encourages them to make new steps, which is even more tiring. The first person, who is breaking the trail, should only do so for a short time before stepping aside to allow the second person have a chance at the front. The person who stepped aside waits for the whole group to pass, and becomes the new whip. The new leader should break the track for only a short time, depending on fitness, ability and snow conditions. This gives everybody a chance at breaking the trail, and should prevent tiring one person excessively. By the time the last person comes along, the trail should be well packed down. The last person should have a good trail, and should use this time to catch their breath and energy before taking another turn at the front.