Skiing in difficult terrain or snow

  • Direct descent
  • Snowplough
  • Downhill traversing
  • Kick turn
  • Tacking turn
  • Side step
  • Side slip
  • Descending through trees or rocks
  • Herringbone
  • Uphill traverse
  • Ascending steep slopes
  • Ski selection

Once you step out of prepared ski trails and start making your own tracks, you will be faced with many new challenges that are limited only by your enthusiasm and sense of adventure. Basic skills such as traversing, side stepping and side slipping will allow you to leave the groomed trails and start to experience the thrills of back-country skiing. Success at travelling through difficult terrain and in different snow conditions will depend upon an appropriate use of basic skiing techniques, and the knowledge and judgement about when to use them. Errors of judgement are usually obvious when skiing - you will fall! However, falling is always tiring and sometimes very dangerous, so learning appropriate techniques and when to use each is very important.