Sources of information

Seek the best available information before departing on a trip. The weather information in newspapers can be relatively old, and papers vary significantly in the coverage provided. The best are quite good, with four-day forecasts and predicted weather maps. Most radio weather broadcasts with news segments are cursory and usually relate to main population areas only.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) regularly has a meteorologist giving detailed comments on current and impending weather, usually during a program for primary producers (check with the ABC for times and stations). Some of the TV channels are providing good weather coverage with their evening news presentations. They all review a current weather map, and some give outlooks for up to four days ahead. With all of the above, you have to interpret likely mountaintop weather from the information given.

The Bureau of Meteorology provides a valuable source of information on an internet site at which gives current analysis, forecasts on surface level maps and regional forecasts as well as applicable warnings.

By far the best source of information is obtained by phone from the Bureau of Meteorology’s Regional Forecast Centre in each state. When calling, you can request a forecast for the specific area you are interested in, and information can also be faxed to you.