Environmental awareness

There are many organisations championing a particular course or interest in the environment. If you feel strongly about a particular issue, ask the appropriate campaigning groups or individuals about their policies and methods. Decide on your own best policies and support the people with whom you agree.

The area of wilderness and natural bushland around the globe is extremely limited and continues to shrink. Outdoor recreationists are major users of these areas and have a vested interest in conserving them in their natural state. It is always the other user that is the problem! If recreationists actively minimise the impact they have on the environment, their cries against other users should have more power. However, the protection of natural landscapes is not limited to the exclusion of other users and low-impact camping strategies. The demand for cheap timber, minerals, water and beef is what drives the incursion of industry into natural areas. If outdoor enthusiasts are to protect areas of great intrinsic beauty they will need to adopt a minimal impact life, not just a camping style!

Outdoor recreationists are one of the more vulnerable users of the environment, as their activities prefer the near exclusive use of large tracts of land. They are therefore more likely to sense the vanishing of the great resource of natural landscapes. As outdoor activity leaders you have a unique opportunity, indeed responsibility, to stimulate thought and discussion on how humans can best utilise and maintain a sustainable planet.