Finding out about permits and regulations

It is best to assume that regardless of where you intend to travel in natural environments in Australia there are some regulations or rules which govern your activity in that area. No parks, forests or reserves are without regulations to control various activities, and although your proposed activity may not necessarily be specifically covered by regulations, the chances are that some element of your activity (e.g. camping, vehicle access, toilets) will be covered by regulations or local conditions of use.

In the main, permits and regulations are based on common sense and have a sound basis for their existence in protecting the land, ecosystems and enjoyment of natural areas.

Always check with the relevant land manager for regulations covering your intended activities and the locations you intend to use. These might be found in management plans for the area, or can quickly be confirmed by direct contact with the land management office closest to the area you wish to visit. A regular outdoor leader will take the time to find out who manages what land in their state or territory and the best way to contact the local land manager or ranger. Usually a phone call is all that is needed to determine if a permit is required, and how it may be obtained.

Good leaders inform and educate their groups about the reasons for and benefits of permits and regulations affecting outdoor recreation.