Cleaning up

Cleaning up is important when you are out in the bush for some time, using the same utensils over and over again. Bacteria can multiply easily, and their consequences can be devastating. Washing up needs to be done immediately, not left until morning. Leaving pans out for the local wildlife to clean up is unacceptable. Carry a dedicated washing up kit. Cut up a green scourer into small portions for single use only. Put each piece into your take-home rubbish bag after one use, as the amount of food trapped in them is substantial. Do the same with Chux cloths for drying. Scrape utensils before washing up, and use water as hot as your hands can bear.

Environment issues
Take any uneaten food out with you. Burying it can be hazardous to local wildlife as they dig it up, and is unsightly to others who use the site. Sand will wash most dishes quite well without any soap or detergent at all. Never wash dishes or yourself directly in a watercourse. Consider setting up a grease trap for disposing of washing up water if your meal was even moderately greasy, or if there are several of you. Otherwise, scatter well away from camping, toiletting and water gathering areas.

For a large group, you should establish specific areas for all of these things, outline the expected behaviour with explanations if needed, and help to make it all happen.