Safety for pressure stoves

There are a number of safety points that apply specifically to pressure stoves, with or without pumps.

  • Avoid overheating, as this can lead to a blowout, through the safety valve.
  • Always use the heat shield if one is designed for the stove.
  • Take care with handles and keys, as these often get hot.
  • Remove the key from the spindle if possible, after adjusting the flame. Keep billy handles out of the flame.
  • Unported burner pressure stoves use a flame spreader, which should be securely in position on top of the burner directly above the jet.
  • Never light a stove designed to operate with a flame spreader without it in place, as flaming fuel could shoot high up into the air.
  • Ensure that the fuel tank cap is screwed down firmly. Never unscrew the cap while the stove is alight or very hot.
  • Do not over pump a pressure stove — use only the specified number of strokes.
  • Keep clear of the line of fire of the safety valve.