Blowout emergency action

Some pressure stoves are fitted with a safety valve built into the filler cap. If the valve blows, the escaping fuel is likely to ignite, resulting in a jet of flame which can be up to a metre long. You are then faced with a hot stove ejecting flame from two sources: the burner and the safety valve.

If a blowout occurs, immediately remove any pot from the stove, turn off the valve and then blow out the flame from the safety valve. If you cannot turn off the jet without burning yourself, you should remove the stove quickly to an open area. Do not kick or throw it outside, as it may land on another flammable object, such as a tent or a person! Extinguish the flames, by smothering with a billy, water, snow, earth etc. Provided the flames have been extinguished within a few minutes, the safety valve in the filler cap will be fit for reuse. A prolonged blowout may destroy the temper of the spring in the safety valve, and it may need replacing.