Fuel economy

Be aware that different fuels have different thermal properties, as discussed in stove choice. Always have the billy ready for the stove, not the other way round. Learn how to cook efficiently, e.g. by presoaking and rotating billies to cook two pots at once. Do not leave a stove burning with nothing on it or ready to go on it. Minimise heat loss from the stove – always insulate the stove from cold ground or snow and use a windshield if the stove is designed for one. (Do not use a wind shield if the stove is not designed for one – it may lead to overheating of the fuel tank, and possible safety valve operation as discussed above.) Adjust the flame to suit the size of the pan and style of cooking, for example, keeping food just boiling. Always adjust pressure stoves to have a blue flame because a yellow flame makes more soot and can block the jet.