Planning car shuffles

When the start and the end of a trip are not at the same place, a car shuffle will be necessary to get everyone to the start, while leaving enough cars at the end to get drivers back to the start to retrieve vehicles left there. Practical considerations often dictate exactly how car shuffles must be done (e.g. locations for an easily found Friday night camp may be limited), but with planning, it is possible to reduce the way car shuffles can detract from the enjoyment of a trip.

People are usually keen to get going at the start of a trip, so lots of waiting before the trip starts while drivers place vehicles at the end point and then return will seem like a waste of time. However, the same waiting time at the end of a trip is not such a concern, as most people are tired and happy to sit under a tree or in a sheltered spot.

The best way to arrange a car shuffle is for the whole group to meet (and set-up Friday night camp) at the location where the trip is expected to end. The group then drives to the start using as few vehicles as necessary. This leaves the remaining vehicles at the end location so when the trip is over the vehicles left at the start location can be retrieved.