Groups with special needs

  • Planning and preparation
  • Things to carry
  • Environmental factors
  • Accommodation
  • Activity and equipment modifications
  • Tent or roofed accommodation
  • Campfires and stoves
  • Walking
  • Skiing
  • Disabilities

While workplaces, accommodation and public facilities can be modified to maximise 'user friendliness' to those with special needs, outdoor settings are not so readily modified. Changes in weather, difficult terrain and inaccessibility all combine to form considerable risk factors to someone who might consider even a 5cm drop in floor level a serious obstacle. Yet despite the fears that some may have in attempting to undertake journeys in the snow and bush, the outdoors can be a fun and safe environment for those with special needs. Combine risk management with other essential 'ingredients' such as appropriate equipment, skills and sound judgement and the doors are wide open for participation.