Things to carry

In general, keep medication with the party. It might not be required till the party returns to base camp, but a delay in return could cause complications. Dosette boxes which readily indicate doses per day are ideal for dispensing tablets. Foam packaging may be necessary if the medicine is sensitive to high temperatures.

All major undertakings necessitate an equipment check. If unsure of provision or suitability of equipment carried, spares should be taken along (e.g. hats and gloves). A poncho is a useful standby waterproof garment suitable for those with mobility difficulties and also doubles as a groundsheet/make-shift shelter.

Spare water and sunscreen is useful. Medication often has side effects of thirst and increased sensitivity to ultraviolet radiation. If personal care is required ensure that latex gloves and tissues are available.

A thermos is invaluable in the snow for providing a quick source of fluid and warmth. Closed-cell foam mats can be useful for those who want to sit on the snow, and a snow shovel can be used for making structures in the snow, either for play, seating or for shelter. Balls or other small toys can be useful in providing an alternative, fun activity during dull moments.