First aid for bushwalkers and ski tourers

  • First aid in remote areas
  • Leadership considerations
  • Nursing care in remote areas
  • Administering medication to others
  • Trip planning
  • Recording first-aid care
  • First-aid kits
  • Group supplies
  • Individual first-aid kits

All bushwalking and ski touring leaders need to have a good, practical knowledge of first aid. A recognised basic first-aid course is a good start. Leaders venturing into areas remote from immediate medical assistance will benefit from training that focuses on specific requirements of remote-area first aid. Courses in both basic and remote-area first aid are available in all states, although remote-area first aid courses may be more difficult to access.

This chapter does not substitute for a first-aid manual. It simply highlights some aspects of first aid specifically relevant to situations in the bush. Best practice in these areas changes with advances in medical knowledge and understanding, and all readers should be aware that, while this information is believed to be the best available at the time of printing, changes in preferred practices and treatments will undoubtedly occur. To be able to render the best first aid requires ongoing effort to remain up-to-date.