There are two methods of dealing with broken poles. Either carry a spare pole, or carry duct tape and some splints. Splints are generally very satisfactory, and the advantage is that they are lighter to carry and cheaper than a spare set of poles.

You will need two pole splints made out of split plastic conduit, with a diameter of approximately 15 mm and about 15–20 cm long. Cut the conduit at home. To fix the broken pole, place the two broken parts together, place the splints either side of the break and wrap the splint with jet tape.

If you have a bent aluminium pole do not attempt to straighten it when in a cold climate, unless you want to repair a broken pole. Wait to where you can create a warm environment and then straighten the pole. The warmer air temperature makes the aluminium less susceptible to breaking.

Replacement of basket
It is always worthwhile to carry a spare basket. Do some research as to what basket will fit your poles as well as those of the people you ski with regularly. If you cannot get the old broken basket off or the new one on try heating up some water on the stove, place the basket in the water to soften and then try again.

If you do not have a spare basket, use an empty sardine tin or similar item. Punch a hole through the tin, and tape it in place on the shaft.