Separated group members

A major problem arises when an individual or a couple of people become separated from the group and they have minimal equipment, or even nothing other than what they are wearing. It is certainly likely that these people will spend a cold, uncomfortable night out, but there is no real reason they should not survive the night. A snow situation is more serious, as they will need to get off the snow by whatever means possible, and gain as much protection from the wind and further precipitation. They should dig out hollows in the snow and if possible use snow to create protection from wind and weather.

A snow bivouac may seem more serious, but the snow presents the opportunity to dig in for protection from the wind. In wet, cold and windy conditions, protection is more difficult to achieve, and construction of a shelter from whatever is available is very important.

Remember to:

  • stay calm
  • think clearly
  • think back to your training
  • be honest and confident
  • explain appropriate lost and emergency procedures to your group
  • make the most of any situation you are in.