Sketch maps

In outdoor terms a sketch map means any map which is not a topographic map. This can range from diagrams made in the sand with a stick (mud maps) to high quality maps showing relief by hachures or shading. Sketch maps often contain specific information about the area they cover and are made with a particular user group in mind. Several bushwalking and ski-touring clubs and groups over the years have taken on the role of mapping their favourite areas with walkers and skiers in mind. These maps often show details such as reliable water sources, camp sites, huts and areas of interest. They also show tracks which are often not indicated on the standard series topographic maps and are formatted to cover the area of interest to walkers on one sheet.

Some examples of these maps are:

  • Bush Maps Victoria (VMTC)
  • Adventure Maps (Ghost Town Series), Victoria
  • New South Wales Ski Association Maps
  • Hema Maps, based in Queensland, covering many of the national parks in northern Australia.