Other references

There are many and varied guidebooks available (see Appendix 3 for some suggestions). Guidebooks contain information, some in great detail and others simply as a suggested route, for a wide variety of walking and skiing areas in Australia. Some factors to consider when using a guidebook to plan a trip include:

  • when was the information last updated (year of publication)
  • how much detail is included
  • reputation of the author(s)
  • word of mouth recommendation.

There are a number of outdoor magazines available. Some have their tracknotes and surveys vetted by other experienced outdoor enthusiasts, others do not. They can be useful for walking and ski tour trip ideas.

Bushwalking clubs
Many clubs keep a record of past trips, and some publish these. These can provide a new club leader with ideas and some detail of the trip, such as how long it took a group to walk to the campsite, water availability at that time of year, etc. Word of mouth is also a good way get ideas of where to lead trips, and most most bushwalkers and ski tourers are only too happy to talk about their trips.

There are now many websites with information on outdoor activities, maintained by individuals, clubs and other outdoor organisations. They can be a very useful and, most often, current source of information.