Patient evacuation

  • By foot
  • By carrying
  • By bush stretcher
  • By sled
  • Improvised stretchers
  • One-person carry
  • Two-person carry

On well-prepared trips the likelihood of accidents requiring evacuation is low, but if a mishap that disables a party member does occur then several decisions need to be made: Is it possible, perhaps after a period of rest, that the casualty could walk out? Do the casualty's injuries prevent him or her from being moved at all? If the casualty can be carried out without seriously aggravating the injury, is the party collectively strong enough to do so? Should a fast, forward party be sent off to obtain medical assistance and or other outside assistance (e.g. stretcher bearers) as soon as possible? If it is decided that the party will evacuate the casualty, the most appropriate of the methods discussed below should be chosen.