New South Wales

The spine of the Great Dividing Range provides most of the walking and skiing venues in New South Wales. Sandstone is the dominant rock type, and plateaux, cliffs and gorges are common features on many walks. There are a huge number of trips which can be done.

New England Tablelands: A series of gorges and plateaux in the north east. There are many small parks and reserves scattered across the area. Gibraltar Range, Washpool, Guy Fawkes and New England are the major national parks. The area provides many one-day walks and a wide variety of overnight walks.

Warrumbungles and Mt Kaputar: Inland from New England, these two parks in the north of the state have spectacular volcanic scenery. Both have extensive track systems providing both one day and overnight walks. Often you must carry water in the near desert climate. Most seasons are suitable except summer.

Barrington Tops: An elevated plateau north of Newcastle. While it does snow here, it is not a suitable ski touring area. It has both one-day walks and a range of overnight bushwalks. A marked 11-day track runs to the coast at Tea Gardens.

Great North Walk: A marked track that runs from Sydney north to Newcastle through low ranges and river valleys. The 250 km track takes about 14 days to walk. One-day walks and shorter overnight trips are possible. Suitable all year round.

Blue Mountains: This is the sandstone plateau west of Sydney, with deep river valleys and numerous gorges. Both short and long walks abound. You can walk for several years without repeating routes. Popular destinations are the tracks at Katoomba and Blackheath, Blue Gum Forest, the Gorse Gorge, Mt Solitary, Kanangra Walls, the Kowmung River, as well as the numerous canyons and the wilderness walking in the Wollemi National Park. Suitable all year round, although the most popular seasons are autumn and spring.

Royal National Park: A coastal park just south of Sydney with many one-day walks and some overnight walking along its coast.

Budawangs: A rugged series of sandstone mountains located between Canberra and the coast. There are some day walks to Pigeon House Mountain and The Castle. Most walks here are long multi-day trips following rough tracks. Best times to visit are autumn and spring.

Kosciuszko: Contains the highest peaks in Australia. It is a large and very diverse national park. The most popular region is the Main Range but the Byadbo, Cascades, Jagungal, Kiandra, Cooleman, Bimberi and Bogong Peaks areas are all worth visiting. In winter, the park contains the best and largest ski touring region in Australia. In summer, there is an infinite variety of walks. They range from one-day strolls across meadows to trips of several weeks duration.

Hume and Hovell Track: Created as an historical trail, this 372 km track runs from Gunning to near Albury. It passes mainly through state forests and avoids the high ranges of the Kosciuszko region. It provides many one-day walks and easy, overnight walks.