• Steps in delegating
  • Delegation styles
  • Barriers to delegation

A leader's job before, during and after a trip is demanding and complex. There are many times when it can become very stressful and seem to be overwhelming, or when some parts of it require more than their normal share of attention. There are other times when a leader should consider developing the skills and confidence of various party members and there are those times when a leader wants or needs to concentrate on one aspect of the total leadership task, such as looking after the needs of the group. It is at these times when you as a leader will wish that you as a leader will wish that you could be multiplied or that some of your own skills were better than they are. There is a way in which you can be more than one person and have the best skills at your disposal. This is the technique of delegation, where other people act as you and for you. It is one of the fundamental tools of leadership. However, it is vital to remember that even though you may delegate tasks, the final responsibility for the trip and for the party members always remains with you as the leader.