Steps in delegating

Delegation is made up of the following steps:

  • establish the talents and skill levels of the group
  • determine and plan the required task
  • choose the right person for the job
  • share the objective, communicate the task, define/negotiate the extent of the delegate’s authority and responsibility
  • follow up the task, encourage and help where appropriate
  • check your delegate’s performance (but don’t bother them unless it is really necessary!).

If the circumstances require and allow it, review the performance with the delegate, debrief and publicly recognise the performance. (Remember, your performance as a delegator and leader is up for review too!) If necessary, follow up with instruction if there is time and opportunity.

Delegation, if it is done properly, requires all of the skills of a leader to be effective— good people skills, good communication skills and good technical skills. It is not sufficient just to tell a person to do something. Proper delegation is a contract of trust between people to do something for the group.