In camp

Must be done

  • announce toilet areas and requirements for hygiene
  • see that all rubbish is either burned or carried out
  • see that any fires are totally extinguished before leaving camp
  • in huts, replace firewood and clean up before leaving.

Should be done

  • announce your plans (include starting time) for the next day
  • encourage ‘early-to-bed’ and ‘early-to-rise’
  • be good neighbours, if others are camped nearby
  • avoid destruction of live vegetation or severe disturbance to ground surface
  • leave the area cleaner than you found it
  • fill any large holes in the snow which could endanger others
  • make sure that everyone gets sufficient food and fluid to sustain energy— especially in adverse conditions.

Might be done

  • organise a sing-song or stimulate discussion.