References and further reading

Relevant cases

Nicholas vs Osborne & Ors (i.e. other respondents) 1984 Victorian County Court unreported. Cathedral Ranges nervous shock.

Galer vs Kawarau Raft Exhibitions Pty. Ltd. unreported Queenstown District Court (NZ) 28th November 1995. Rafting fatality—criminal liability.

Harper vs VG Conservation Forests & Land unreported Vic County Court May 1998—falling tree failure to erect signs.

Nagle vs Rottnest Island Authority 177CLR423 diving failure to erect warning signs.

Nowak vs Waverley Municipal Council ART 80.200 exposed sprinkler.

Romeo vs Conservation Commission of NT 151ALR263 cliff failure to fence top.

Wilmot vs State of South Australia 1993 (ATR81.259) trail bike rider.

Lillie vs Alpine Resorts Commission & Anor 1998 VICSC42 3rd April 1998 collision between snowboard rider and skier.

Mountain Cattlemens Association of Vic vs Barron 1997 ATR81.423 horse accident.

Inverell Municipal Council vs Pennington 1993 ATR 81.234 swimming pool accident.

Manly Municipal Council vs Moylan NSW Court of Appeal 15th June 1995 unreported diving accident in dam.

Munroe vs Anglican Church of Australia NSW Court of Appeal unreported 14th May 1987 camping equipment trailer accident.

Dylan vs Ayres 1992 112 FLR 29 parachute accident.

Toutounji vs Girl Guides Association of SA Inc Supreme Court of WA 27th November 1998 flying fox.

General references

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