Management of serious incidents

  • Planning
  • Emergency response plans
  • Necessary information
  • Managing serious incidents
  • Communicating with news media

It is important that everyone who is involved in outdoor adventure-based programs accepts the possibility that there could be a serious incident or a fatality during their activities. Understanding the implications of such incidents, the planning which is required beforehand to effectively manage the difficult circumstances, and the actions which must be taken will help everyone involved in a traumatic event.

Death on a trip is usually cited as the worst scenario which outdoor leaders and party members will ever have to face. However, if not well managed, serious injuries, psychological problems or even delays in groups returning from activities can all have very serious consequences for organisations running outdoor activities and the individuals involved.

As in most things, dealing with serious incidents effectively relies on planning, and the level of detail required depends upon the activity itself, the nature of the organisation running the activity and the nature of the participants. Prudent and professional trip organisers consider potential scenarios to deal with the immediate requirements and the inevitable aftermath of a serious incident.