Information for students

For any trip, the planning and paperwork consumes at least half of the effort required of the leader. For any trip involving school students, the students and the parents should be told exactly:

  • when and where and how the transport for the trip occurs
  • the proposed route (include a map)
  • a list of required gear
  • the cost if any, and how this should be paid
  • a description of the nature of the trip, and what should be achieved
  • a detailed medical form
  • a list of accompanying staff
  • a suggested food list
  • emergency phone numbers of trip and school contact people.

Such information also needs to be given to all staff who are attending, in whatever capacity, and should also be left with other key staff. Exact requirements of schools vary, but it is best to err on the side of caution. Students should be made aware that emergency phone numbers must be left with the parent or guardian. The planning and paperwork in any trip takes lots of energy. It needs to be done absolutely correctly, so there can be no doubts as to the organised and careful nature of the planning should something go amiss.