Other issues

Gear is always an issue. A leader cannot run the risk of students being ill equipped and compromising safety. Hire of gear, thoughtful borrowing of gear, and frequent discussions between students and teachers are all approaches that have worked well. Leaders need to be very explicit about safety and gear. Often a letter is not enough and detail must be impressed at a pre-trip meeting. Mobile phones can be useful for remote trips, but likely coverage must be checked. Many remote trips will require other communication technology for reliability.

Leadership while on the trip varies with the individual leader but educational outcomes such as the growth of self confidence and development of skills may be best achieved by giving students as much say as possible in day-to-day life. A good school trip shouldn’t need a lot of finger pointing and shouting.

Parents can be a valuable resource in terms of sharing some of the load of leadership, and it can be a very real and worthwhile social experience for students to experience their own and other parents in outdoor environments.