The adventure tour guide

  • Customers
  • Safety
  • Food
  • Customer respect
  • Equipment
  • Physical capability
  • Tipping
  • Feedback from customers

Adventure tour guides are employed to provide a safe, entertaining outdoor adventure for paying customers. These customers are paying for the privilege of doing an activity different from their everyday lives.

Adventure tour guides typically lead groups of people in the 30–50 age group, who generally have well-paying occupations. They have usually booked individually on adventure tours. There is little or no opportunity to meet the customers prior to the commencement of the adventure. Adventure tour customers are often partaking in a once-a-year major outdoor holiday and therefore may have very limited relevant experience.

The pay rates for adventure tour guides are low when compared with most other professions, and the adventure tour guide industry provides little or no career structure. Because of the seasonal or casual nature of the adventure tour industry, there is generally no provision for holiday pay, sick leave, public holidays, or penalty rates. The amount of tour guide work is irregular because of the dependence upon numbers of customers. During tours, the guide is on 24 hour call from customers and is responsible for providing first aid.