Outline the trip

Using a map, outline the intended route for the day and the whole trip. Include things such as:

  • planned highlights and objectives
  • likely lunch spots
  • sources of water during the day
  • alternative routes or places where choices can be made
  • expected finish time for the day
  • if it is an overnight trip, a brief outline of the route for the subsequent days
  • camping place
  • any known sections that may cause concern, e.g. steep ascents or descents, river crossings, ledge walking.

Most clubs have procedures concerning maps, but most expect trip participants to have their own copies of the correct map. Map name and sources should form part of the pre-trip information. Photocopying of maps is illegal and produces maps that are of poorer quality than originals, frequently lacking colour and are highly susceptible to water damage. Encourage other party members to follow the group’s progress on their own map so they become accustomed to using it. Let the group know you are willing to help improve their navigation skills if they so desire.