Group rules

Trips will run more smoothly if group rules for the trip are established. These typically cover:

  • those ahead of the leader must wait at track junctions and all other places of any uncertainty until all are present
  • if a party member loses sight of the person in front, particularly if off-track, they should call out for the group ahead to slow down
  • rest stops
  • if any problems occur during the trip then let the leader know immediately (e.g. prevention of sore spots by treating before blisters develop)
  • the role of the ‘whip’ or ‘tail-end charlie’.

The most common rule is that nobody leaves the track or the group without the leader or the whip’s knowledge. At the outset of a trip an experienced party member is often used as whip, or if most of the party are sufficiently experienced, you can ask for a volunteer. Ensure that the same person is not left as the whip for the whole day (unless they want to be).

Leaders should try to make it possible for every group member to have an enjoyable experience.